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What Is a Defensive Driving Discount?

Defensive driving refers to a set of practices that a driver employs, which result in minimizing the risk of accidents while on the road. Motorists can take defensive driving classes in order to learn these techniques. When one has a defensive driving certificate, he may be eligible for a discount on his car insurance premiums. The reasoning behind this discount is that a person who takes the time to undergo special training for road safety will have a significantly lower risk of getting involved in an automobile accident. Car insurance companies then see it fit to “reward” these motorists with a discount.

Defensive driving is based on the premise that the person behind the wheel has a heightened awareness of what is going on in his surroundings. This includes the road conditions, weather conditions, and other vehicles around him. As a result of this awareness, the driver can react faster and more efficiently, when necessary, and hopefully avoid an accident from happening.

If you think about it, all drivers should pay attention to their surroundings – that is a basic concept when learning to drive. However, not everyone puts all their focus on their surroundings. Indeed, with all the potential sources of distractions, defensive driving may be the last thing in the mind of the average driver.

You have to realize, though, that not all car insurance companies offer a defensive driving discount. Those that do, however, may give you up to 10% on your annual premium. Still, whether or not you can get a defensive driving discount, it is always a good idea to learn how to drive defensively.

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