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What Is the Difference Between Red Blood Cells and White Blood Cells?

While both white and red blood cells flow through the human blood stream they are made to perform very distinct roles.

Simply put white blood cells are meant to protect the body from foreign invaders. Ed blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs into the different parts of the body then exchange it for carbon dioxide, a by product of cellular activity for which oxygen is used.

Red blood cells are what make up the bulk of human blood, as can be observed from the red hue of blood, while white blood cells only make a tiny fraction of human blood. When compared in quantity red blood cells would out number the white blood cells at an average rate of 1 white blood cell to every one thousand red blood cells.

If the human blood stream is compared to the path ants use to carry food back to their nests then white blood cells would be represented by the soldier ants while the red blood cells would be represented by the worker ants. In this comparison white blood cells are well represented by the soldier ants in their similar purpose of keeping aliens and potentially harmful entities from interfering with the work of the worker ants. On other hand the worker ants, in this illustration, are only able to illustrate half of the function of red blood cells, that function being the bringing of essential raw materials to the parts of the body, here hive, and they are not able to show that once they arrive at the drop off point of their cargo they will have to take something else out.

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