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What Is a Diva?

Diva is a term that refers to women with great talents particularly in singing and performances in general. Divas are usually celebrated performers, most especially singers whose voices are considered as the voice that can reach the divine. The first female performers that were referred to as divas were those that worked and performed in an opera. The word itself means goddess or divine thereby connoting an image of a woman who has extraordinary talents. A performer can only be called a diva when she has a very fine singing skill, with huge fans and are always in demand.

Diva has its root in Latin word which was also influenced by the Sanskrit language, daiyya. When we say diva, there are two meaning associated with the word. One is divine and the other refers to a woman that is very difficult to deal with. It was not known how it was coined to mean that way but each culture has its own way of interpreptations. Diva also means that a woman has so much confidence in herself to a point of discriminating the situation or talent of others. In the ancient times, those who can be called as diva is one who is working with the opera and have been built a solid foundation and good reputation. However, nowadays the word diva can also refer to men who are excellent in their fields of endeavor, but more particular to the kind of music they are into. Some women that were called a diva during their time was Madonna.

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