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What Do Different Colors of Roses Mean?

Many associate roses with emotions and even symbolisms. Poets often use them as a metaphor for love, beauty, innocence, even sacrifice. Over the centuries some colors of roses have even become linked to certain sentiments. It is best to consider these symbolisms before purchasing a bouquet.
Red is the color for lovers. It means passion, love, and romance. IN general a rosebud is given for the first expression of love, such as in courtship, while a fully bloomed rose is associated with a mature, enduring love. This is a way to say, “Even after all these years, and after all we’ve gone through, I still love you.”

There was a time when yellow roses symbolized jealousy. However, the meaning has evolved over the years. Today, these sunny roses are an expression of friendship. Some also associate it with domestic happiness and the simple comforts of home, and thus are an ideal gift for a grandmother or a neighbor. It is also appropriate to give yellow roses to express sympathy.

Orange roses are good gifts when offering congratulations for graduation or promotion since they symbolize pride. Peach roses on the other hand are associated with appreciation or admiration. They are a great thank you gift.

Pink roses can also be given as an expression of romance but is considered more lighthearted than red roses. Dark pink roses have also been associated with appreciation. A bouquet that contains both pink and red roses are a sign of a friendship blossoming into romance.

White roses symbolize purity and loyalty and are used in bridal bouquets and are also good gifts for Father’s Day. Purple roses symbolize eternal love, and are used in memorial flowers.

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