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What Do Divorce Mediators Do?

A divorce mediator is a lawyer who acts as a neutral party in settles issues involving husbands and wives who have decided to end their marriage. The role of the mediator is to establish rapport between the former couple, assist them in discussing important issues in a calm and honest manner and come up with a fair marital settlement.

Mediators play a vital role in the divorce process. Their responsibilities include providing information to the couple on the divorce laws and how they apply to different situations as well as coming up with a separation agreement. Also, the divorce mediator normally does the paperwork particularly for parties who represent themselves.

The aim of divorce mediation is to avoid a court trial and speed up the process of the divorce. This route is ideal for couples who do not want to spend so much on their divorce or who don’t have the budget to bring their case to court. With mediation, couples need not pay separate retainer’s fees for their lawyers.

Where children are involved, mediation is beneficial as it avoids any conflict between the parents. The process is considered less traumatic and stressful because they see their parents working together to settle their issues and most of all, the procedure is done publicly but rather is kept confidential.

It should be understood, though, that even with divorce mediation, couples still retain their rights to go to court should they fail to settle certain issues in their marriage. A spouse can retain a separate attorney and let the judge make the decision for them.

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