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What Does an Anorexia Therapist Do?

An anorexia therapist is a professional that works with people who suffer from anorexia. Various professionals in the medical community may choose to focus on providing services to patients with anorexia, with the aim of helping the patients overcome the eating disorder. Anorexia therapy involves may different aspects, and as such, various medical professionals may choose to become an anorexia therapist. Dieticians, general medicine practitioners, nutritionists, psychologists, and so on can all be anorexia therapists.

Exactly what an anoerxia therapist does depends on his specialization and on the stage of the rehabilation program he participates in. At the beginning of anorexia rehab, the anorexia therapist has to deal with immediate medical needs of the patient. Oftentimes, malnutrition has to be dealt with. Other complications may arise due to anorexia, and these all have to treated before the program can progress.

An anorexia therapist also needs to provide counseling to the patient. Counseling can be done individually and in groups. Activities will be done to help the patient understand the root cause of the eating disorder as well. More than this, the anorexia therapist also meets with the family and friends of the patient. This is essential to the recovery of the patient as he will need support from those who are closest to him.

The job of an anorexia therapist may extend well beyond the formal duration of the anorexia rehab program. Even after the patient has been treated, the therapist may do follow up sessions in order to ensure that the patient does not regress.

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