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What Does a Child Custody Mediator Do?

Child custody mediation is often pursued by parents or guardians who are involved in a custody dispute. This may either be voluntary or ordered by the court. In child custody mediation, a mediator guides the parties through the process. He serves as a neutral party to help the family come up with an agreement.

Child custody mediation usually involves couples who are going through a divorce however other issues can still be worked with like unmarried parents, adoptive family grandparents and temporary guardians. The child custody mediator helps the parties decide with guardianship and financial support. This also includes agreements on visitation hours and other custody agreements. A mediator does not require the parties to reach an agreement, he simply suggests possible solutions to the issues and help the parties reach a compromise that is in compliance with the state laws.

The main goal of the mediator is to reach an agreement that is in favor of the child’s interests. Whatever may be convenient to the parties involve is necessary but the child’s physical, emotional and educational needs comes first. In some cases, parties involved in mediation tend to bring their legal advisers or attorneys in the session however it is not really necessary because to become a mediator needs to have training in all areas of family law. The child custody mediator should also be licensed attorneys and passed his mediator training. This includes a criminal background check and character reference before he is allowed to practice his mediation with clients.

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