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What Does "Childfree" Mean?

Childfree refers to individuals or couples who neither have children nor the desire to have children for themselves. Another term for these individuals is childless by choice. This choice has become a lot easier for more couples since the introduction of contraception. Many groups have been organized to support the childfree way of life. Books have also been written about these individuals.

Couples who choose to be childfree generally make this choice for social reasons. Many professions and careers don`t allow for proper parenting opportunities, or give little room for it. However, another prominent reason for childfree living is economic. Childfree individuals consider raising an infant into a happy, healthy and productive member of society as costly, with no other choice if one changes their mind. They usually prefer to spend their time and resources pursuing careers, social ties, and luxurious living conditions. Free time and money are commonly at the top of the list of priorities for these childfree individuals.

Childfree individuals share some common traits like a general dislike of children, little maternal or paternal instinct, selfishness and self-centeredness, and a deep-seated fear of loss of employment. They usually prefer to travel, or at least have a flexible career path that can easily be changed at short notice. When it comes to relationships, these childfree individuals believe that children are an interference to emotional and physical intimacy with partners. They also view parenting as boring, given the activities they have to provide children to raise them well. Other concerns of childfree individuals are the health and safety of the children they will bring into the world. A constant fear of lurking predators is also a reason why some people prefer to be childfree.

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