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What Does “Concealment” Means?

Concealment is the act of hiding something from public view. The thing being hidden can be kept under clothing, inside a bag or vehicle.

Basically, there are three types of concealment. In the military, this is referred to as camouflage or CCD wherein the object or person is not easily seen as is but it appears similar to its surroundings. Apart from people and objects, the term also refers to terrain feature, vegetation or natural occurrence such as smoke or fog that prevents the soldiers from being readily seen by their enemies.

Deception is another type which refers to objects that appear to be as something else. The standard concealment, on the other hand, refers to objects that cannot be seen.

In today’s computer age, the word concealment is also used in malware. A malicious program is normally developed to attack or disrupt certain computer programs and concealment is utilized to disguise the malware as something desirable instead of being seen as a threat. As an example, the Trojan horse program acts by way of inviting the web user to run the program while at the same time concealing its harmful effect.

In terms of an object, the concealed weapon is a classic example. This refers to any harmful or deadly weapon such as a knife, handgun, grenade and the like that is hidden under a person’s clothing intentionally or as a side effect. To enable a person to carry a concealed weapon requires a special permit without which the individual can be arrested and face charges.

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