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What Does an Electrician Do?

When you have problems with your electrical systems, don’t try to fix it yourself—you could get a nasty shot, or worse. Instead, call an electrician.

Electricians are trained to install, operate, repair, and maintain electrical systems, which include the wiring and circuit boards, as well as the electronics involved. Many of them study it for as long as five years, though there are some courses that can be completed within three years.

Some electricians work on the internal wiring found in homes, offices and other buildings. These are the people most of us interact with—in fact, it is quite likely that we have a “favorite” electrician who we call on for any problems, because he or she has proven to be very effective and has provided prompt and reliable service.

There are also electricians who work on the electrical lines found in power generation facilities. They fix any downed lines, or any that have been damaged by storms or winds. This is particularly hazardous work since the power currents are quite high and any accidents can be fatal.

Electricians don’t just fix problems, they are also present when a new building is being constructed. They install the wiring, and the vents and pipes for heating or cooling systems. They will also create sockets so that the new residents can plug in their appliances, as well as fixtures for light bulbs. Electricians may also be tasked to place special circuits for stoves and heaters, or install complicated machinery such as voltage meters and breaker boxes.

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