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What Does a Girl Scout Do?

The Girl Scout organization aims to build the courage, confidence, and character of girls who will help to make the world a better place. In this organization, girls discover the fun, friendship, teamwork, camaraderie, and power of girls working together for a common goal.

There are many activities that girls scout members can participate in. They can join local and international field trips and cultural exchanges where they can meet different girls in the organization from all over the world. They can also participate in sports skill-building clinics where they can develop their skills and talents not just in physical activities like sports, but also in mentally stimulating activities as well. Girl scouts also have the opportunity to get involved in community service projects that can help build their character and make them become more responsible individuals. Many girl scouts are also involved in environmental stewardship projects. These activities can broaden their knowledge about nature and help bring about environmental awareness while they are still young.

Girl scouting helps these girls to harness their time, effort and resources in developing themselves as they serve and help others. Physical, mental and emotional aspects of their lives are improved as their minds broaden with each new experience. Leadership and good communication skills are also developed as they learn to work with one another. Home-making skills are also learned in many activities to help them prepare for future responsibilities as well. These girls will become more mature individuals who are concerned and take action to take better care of the environment, family, and community.

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