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What Does It Mean to Be Cross Dominant?

To be cross dominant is considered a physical motor skill phenomenon which is quite interesting. A person may prefer to use one side of the body for particular actions, whilst the other side of the body is used for certain other actions. For example, someone can write with the right hand, but use the left hand for sporting activities. There is no dominant side in someone who is cross dominant. Cross dominant people are also called mixed dominant, mixed handed or hand confused.

Being ambidextrous is a variant of cross dominance, but it does not really relate to the same thing. Ambidexterity means being able to use both hands with ease, interchangeably. However, cross dominant people, simply prefer to use one hand for certain tasks and the other hand for other tasks, they cannot interchange. Certain activities are just easier when carried out on the one side.

Since there is no regulation of a favored side, the lack of dominance, causes clumsiness, difficulties in perception and the ability to balance the body or aim for things. This can affect the eyes, feet or ears. Cross dominant people may prefer to use one or the other eye, foot or ear. For example, a left handed person, may prefer to kick a ball with the right leg.

As it is a very frustrating trait at its worst, physical exercises are very helpful for those who may face confusion and clumsiness. The exercises try to instill and improve the use of both sides of the body to create balance.

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