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What Does "Modus Operandi" Mean?

In Latin, modus operandi which is abbreviated as MO refers to mode of operation. It comes from two words -- “modus” which means manner or method and “operandi” which means operation.

Mode of operation explains the way a person performs or does a certain action or the way he or she tends to operates an object. It could also describe the manner of how a person functions in an event or in any other gathering. Modus operandi seems to be more specific on how a person acts or his or her usual or signature way. This modus operandi could be applicable to children in times that they tend to pursue or manipulate their parents to get something that they want which was already clearly explained that they cannot have.

In the United States of America, the term modus operandi is also being used to describe a person’s habits. On the other hand, law defines this term as the criminal’s habits and manner of work when he or she commits a certain violation or offense. It is also most often used to describe the methods and manner by which individuals act during hearings and execution of a specific crime.

Modus operandi is also considered a method used by criminal to perform a crime, prevent detection and escape from his punishments. Criminals usually plan a modus operandi to successfully get through a crime and violation without getting caught. This term is usually evident in crimes such as fraud or any crimes related to stealing.

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