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What Does an X-Ray Technician Do?

X-rays are crucial diagnostic tests that enable doctors to understand the nature and extent of a disease, condition or disease. These tests are conducted by X-ray technicians.

X-ray technicians train for several years at trade schools in order to understand the different kinds of x-ray equipment, develop the resulting scans, and also how to get the possible scan (for example, how to position the people). Upon receiving a license, many of them will supplement their education by learning how to use sonograms, magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs), and computerized axial tomography scans (CAT scans or CT scans).

X-ray technicians need more than just technical skill. Personality and demeanor are important, since they will have to be very calm and patient with people who may be sick, weak, or even uncooperative.

X-ray technicians are employed by hospitals and radiology clinics, though many of them work directly with a particular doctor’s or dentist’s office, or in convalescent homes.

The exposure to radiation may put x- ray technicians at risk for some kinds of cancer. Thus, they must usually wear safety gear. Aside from this safety protocol, x-ray technicians are also bound by ethics not to provide the patient with any interpretation of the x-ray results. While many of them may become familiar with particular problems—for example, if there is a malignant tumor—but it is not their role to give a diagnosis or discuss it with the client. Only the doctor or the nurse’s practitioner can do that. However, if they do see a serious problem that requires immediate emergency attention they will contact the radiologist as soon as they can.

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