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What Is a Domestic Adoption?

Domestic adoption is the process of putting a child into adoption but within the same country where he or she was born. The adoption can be processed by a state or private agency. This is considered to more advantageous as less time and cost is involved compared to international adoption.

Adoption starts when the birth parents decide to place their newly born or even unborn child with another family. The biological parents, in some cases, may be allowed to choose the family where they would like their child to grow up with. They have an option to choose the type of adoption they want such as the open, semi-open or closed adoption. Another option is to put the child in foster care which will still allow the parents to adopt the child later on in life.

When pursuing legal adoption, certain requirements and procedures must be met. Firstly, you need to select a particular agency to handle this process. Some agencies may require the potential foster parents to attend a class focusing on the adoption process while the others normally just require you to accomplish some paperwork for the creation of an adoption profile.

The next step would be the provision of a social worker to the foster parents for a home study. This will require the social worker to gather information on your lifestyle and the condition of your home through an interview. The home study also involves a check on the neighborhood to determine whether it is safe to raise a child there.

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