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What Is Domestic Relations Court?

Domestic Relations Court is usually used to settle cases about spouses’ disputes, dissolving civil union, child custody or family violence. Domestic Relations Court is also known as the family court. In this type of court the status of legal unions is often addressed.

In marriage, domestic relations court often deals with separation. When a couple wants to legally separate, they may request a legal recognition from the court to protect the assets of each individual. However, the family court has the right to grant or deny the separation. For separations that involve child custody, the court would likely chose the best option for the child. If in any case that a child is in the right age and is considered to make his own decision, the court will obey the child’s wishes unless there is a legal reason for the court to deny the option. If in any case that a parent will not follow the rules regarding child custody, the domestic relations court can hold that person in contempt and apply whatever actions are allowed in the child custody law in that jurisdiction. In other instances, the family court may hear cases that involve family violence. Although domestic violence often involves physical damage, domestic relations court also considers mental abuses depending on the evidence presented and the laws of that jurisdiction.

Domestic relations Court may opt to protect the rights and promote the welfare of children, but also recognizes the purity of family life and preserve the harmony of the family. This court may also provide procedures of reconciliation of spouses.

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