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What Is Donor Fatigue?

Donor fatigue is the term used to refer to the situation wherein people experience a reluctance to give to charity in spite of having done so in the past. Donor fatigue is something that has been on the rise in the recent years, and for obvious reasons, this is a major cause of concern for charitable organizations.

What causes donor fatigue? There are a variety of possible reasons for donor fatigue. One reason that is oftentimes cited is the pressure to donate, or repeated “demands” from charities left and right. We have to admit, there are always people who will need our help, and there are always organizations that will press other people to give what they can. Over time, donors seem to get tired of the pressure. If you look more deeply, though, this reason can only be attributed to certain groups - especially those who use tactics that may be too aggressive.

Another reason is the prevailing economic crisis all over the world. Simply put, people just do not have as much money as they used to. In times of economic hardship, households need to cut back on expenses, and charitable giving might very well be among the first things to go.

One cannot overlook the fact that there has been some talk about mismanagement of many charitable organizations. More so, donors have also had experiences wherein they do not seem to see concrete fruits of their giving. These things also contribute to donor fatigue, with the donors thinking that they are not really making any difference by giving.

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