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What Is a Drama Queen?

A drama queen is a person who overreacts to what others may see as a trivial incident. These personality types are described as overbearing and demanding. A drama queen perceives the world in absolutes. She is seen as having only two emotional states, calm and hysterical. Psychologists tend to describe drama queens as neurotic personalities who possess histrionic tendencies. What this means is that these people become unnecessarily worked up and dramatic when a semblance of order is shaken.

Some people think that the titular character in Gone with The Wind, Scarlett O’Hara, is considered a drama queen. These people are considered self-absorbed and think the world only revolves around them. They see friend and relatives as people who are there to be of service to them. A drama queen cannot stand being alone so she prevents this by being outgoing and love social events. But it is seen that her friendships are shallow and superficial. People who have been subject to a drama queen’s outbursts, will have a tendency to be guarded when around her, afraid that she might go into one of her outbursts if they do something wrong.

Drama queens are not confined to adulthood. Many parents experience raising a very spirited child who also goes into histrionics if she doesn’t get what she wants. During adulthood, being a drama queen is considered not a good thing. People have a tendency to shun any kind of social interaction with these personality types.

There is also such a thing as a drama king, which is a man who exhibits the same personality traits as a drama queen.

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