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What Is a Drunk Driving Arrest?

Drunk driving is a serious offense that merits severe punishment. This type of offense involves an individual driving with a blood alcohol content that exceeds the limit stipulated by state laws. A law enforcement officer is within his or her right to stop or pull over any individual he suspects is driving with an excessive amount of alcohol in the latter’s system and conduct a drunk driving arrest if the individual is proven to be guilty.

When an individual is suspected of drunk driving, he or she is asked to pull over or stop at a nearby location by a police officer. The suspected drunk individual is then subject to tests conducted by the police officer in a nearby, safe location. Such tests include asking the suspect to walk in a straight line or to recite backwards the alphabet. The most effective test that determines drunk driving is done through a breath analyzer wherein the suspect is requested to blow air into an apparatus that determines the percentage of alcohol within the suspect’s blood system. It is also possible to check for blood alcohol content through blood extraction, but this form of drunk driving tests is uncommon. Upon the reading of the breath analyzer and determining that the alcohol content exceeds the limit imposed by the law, the police officer may place the individual under drunk driving arrest.

A drunk driving arrest usually leads to the drunk driver spending a night or 2 in jail. This does not necessarily mean that the individual is guilty, but serves as a precautionary measure.

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