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What Is a DSL Filter?

A DSL filter is a small device used attached in-line in order to help filter out and clean any kind of line interference to any kind of regular phone equipment. This device, which is also known as a micro-filter, is used when the DSL service shares the same line as the telephone. A DSL filter may sometimes be required by a broadband internet service provider when they install a DSL connection.

DSL actually stands for Digital Subscriber Line. This form of internet service provides a permanently connected access to the internet. The internet service uses phone lines to deliver access to the internet. DSL is a high-bandwidth internet service that can provide speeds of up to 3mbps. In order to enjoy DSL service, a DSL modem is required. But for some providers, a DSL filter is also a requirement.

There are two known methods of providing DSL service – the split and the splitterless methods. Providers do not require a DSL filter if they use the split method. The DSL filter itself is a small device that has RJ11 connectors located at both ends. The device is simple to use. The user simply removes the telephone line from the wall jack. He then inserts the filter into the RJ11 jack. The telephone line is plugged into the filter. All of the lines attached to the phoneline like fax machines and answering machines will all need a DSL filter. The DSL filter ensures that there won’t be any kind of interference that the subscriber will experience when using his telephone, fax machine or his answering machine.

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