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What Is a DUI Plea Bargain?

A DUI is an acronym for a criminal offense referring to Driving Under the Influence. This offense is punishable by law, but the parties involved can agree upon a DUI plea bargain. It is a compromise between the individual accused of a DUI and the prosecutor wherein the latter offers the former a reduced sentence or reduced charges if the former submits a guilty plea.

When a person is charged with driving under the influence (of alcohol) or DUI, he or she has the option to enter a guilty or not guilty plea after being booked by the arresting officer. The prosecution’s legal counsel can offer a DUI plea bargain to the defendant if the latter pleads guilty. Usually, the prosecution presents the plea bargain as a reduced sentence or reduced charges, but it is possible that both can be part of the bargain.

The defendant has the option to accept the DUI plea bargain, which is usually the case. Accepting a plea bargain allows the courts to manage a sufficient number of cases without being overburdened. It is also possible that a defendant accepts a DUI plea bargain so as to lessen the impact of a criminal conviction on the defendant’s criminal history. However, DUI plea bargains are rarely offered because most individuals who plead guilty to a DUI are not punished harshly. The usual sentence for a DUI is short imprisonment time or community service, or even both. A DUI plea bargain is usually presented to an individual who has had no previous criminal record.

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