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What Is an Economics Expert Witness?

An economics expert witness is a witness who testifies in a court trial with his financial viewpoint that may be quite complex in the ears of the judge and the jury. The court needs to be educated with complex issues such as Economics and other financial matters. An economics expert witness can provide objective testimonies that may be more valuable than any other evidence in the case.

Anti-trust matters, securities fraud and corporate profitability are only a few issues that might need the services of an expert witness. He can testify in a personal injury case to determine cost of damages or for financial losses. An expert witness can be very valuable to the party who hired him not only because he is an expert to his field but also he can withstand the pressure of being examined and question inside the courtroom. An expert witness should be confident in all of his answers otherwise the jury might misinterpret his testimony. An economic expert witness can also be called to a pretrial segment of a case. His opinions regarding the facts may be very influential to determine if there is still a need to proceed in court. The expert witness may help to guide depositions and marital facts and use them to compose an effective narrative. The hiring attorney and the expert witness typically meets beforehand to review their testimonies that should match with each other and to help the witness be ready for any questions that the opposition might throw at him.

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