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What Is Elastic?

Elastic, when referred to as a noun, would pertain to a stretchy kind of material or product that is manufactured with this a stretchable substance. Bands of elastic are usually made by weaving together many strands of a pliable substance like latex, rubber or any other material that can be flexed and then go back to its original shape. Elastic is most often used in the manufacture of clothing.

Elastic waistbands are also made with elastic. Strips of elastic are bunched together and sewn to a piece of fabric that is measured to ensure that it is larger than the needed size to account for the expansion of the elastic. The elastic waistband can be stretched without fear that the fabric will not “give.”

Another use for elastic is in making arm and leg cuffs. It is also used to ensure that a hood is kept in its place without the use of ties. Elastic is also used in order to give support to tops, dresses and bras that do not have straps. Boot cuffs, socks and gloves are also made with elastic in order to keep them tight and snug. There are also some belts that make use of elastic, along with accessories like wristbands, headbands and other hair accessories.

Elastic is also used as an adjective. When referred in this form, it pertains to things or even people who are described as flexible. A person who is described as having an elastic attitude or personality is one who is able to adapt to changes quite easily.

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