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What Is an Election Judge?

Voting is an important aspect in democratic elections. It provides a means of determining government officials through the participation of registered voting citizens. In order to ensure that voting goes smoothly and ensure that all the proper channels are passed through, there are people who oversee the administration of voting in small, populated areas called precincts. Such a person can be referred to as an election judge.

An election judge can also go by the name or colloquial term of poll worker, elections inspector, or elections officer. Their primary purpose is to ensure that a person who is eligible to vote does so in the right manner and the right area. Not everyone is entitled to be an election judge. The criteria for becoming one vary among jurisdictions, especially in the United States. However, it must be noted that most democratic countries make us of election judges in order to ensure their country of a clean and smooth voting process.

In the United States, there are general requirements that must be met in order to be considered for a position of election judge. First, the person in question must be an American citizen. Second, he or she must be of the legal voting age. Third, he or she is not related to any of the candidates seeking a position. Fourth, he or she must not be seeking a position for himself or herself. Fifth, he or she must not be related or affiliated with any of the other election judges in a precinct.

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