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What Is Emergency First Aid?

Emergency first aid refers to the immediate medical attention that is given to a person whose life may be in danger due to an injury or an illness. Emergency first aid is very important, as it may save the life of the person suffering from the injury or illness. In some cases, emergency first aid can avoid further injury or keep the person alive until professional medical help arrives.

It is important to differentiate emergency first aid from basic first aid. The latter can be done by practically anyone without specialized training. For example, if someone gets a scrape or a cut, basic first aid can be done by anyone - even the injured person himself. In the case of emergency first aid, however, the person giving first aid should have training. Otherwise, he may only make matters worse. People whose lives are in danger due to heart attack or a stroke, for example, need emergency first aid as opposed to basic first aid.

It is not required of every individual to learn emergency first aid techniques, but it does not take a rocket scientist to see just how useful it can be to know how to give emergency first aid. You can receive training for emergency first aid techniques from hospitals, who conduct these sessions every now and then. Alternatively, you can also check the programs of your local Red Cross chapter and similar organizations.

Learning emergency first aid techniques is a worthwhile undertaking - it may even save your own life.

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