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What Is Encryption?

Encryption is a process using algorithmic schemes in order to encode simple text into a form that cannot be easily read or into a cyphertext. The aim is, of course, to provide a high level of privacy. In order to read the encrypted message, the receiver will need to use an encryption key that will help in decrypting the message, and return it to its original text form. The key serves as the trigger for the algorithm.

Before the rise of the internet, encryption was something that was not really used by the public. Only specialized areas like the military used it regularly. But because of many sensitive transactions and business that are being conducted over the internet – like banking, healthcare, online marketing – encryption has become an everyday tool to use.

Encryption is being used in even the most mundane tasks because of the internet. For example, web browsers use encryption when connecting to a secure server (this is apparent when the URL begins with https).

There are many encryption types being used although not all of them are reliable. It should be noted that the kind of computer power that is used to encrypt a message is the same power that can also be used to try to break that encryption. At one point, 64-bit encryption was already considered strong, but at present the standard is 128-bit encryption, and it is expected that higher levels of encryption will replace the present standard in the future in order to further increase the level of security.

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