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What Is Endogamy?

Endogamy is a term that refers to people in a social group who wanted to preserve their culture, wealth, power and even their religious practices and beliefs. This is made possible through the marriage of individuals within the same social group. The goal of which, aside from convenience, is the preservation of their social circle, as they are afraid that their group will slowly die out and eventually disappear. The concept of endogamy is actually widespread but it is rarely realized by people from different races. For instance, the elites of a certain country marry only those who are also elites so that they can combine their wealth, preserve their power in the society and keep their status to only among themselves. There also cases that cousins marry each other so that their wealth will just be held by the same clan. In some cases, there are people who marry only those who have the same religion as theirs for convenience and to avoid conflict because of differences. It would seem natural for people to marry someone who has the same background and cultural experience as themselves as this condition will not have any complex problems.

There are however negative aspects of endogamy especially to a small group of people because endogamy can even hamper their expansion and eventually their group will die out. There are also instances when birth defects and other disabilities occur in the practice of endogamy, thus shortening the life span of the group itself, leading to the gradual disappearance of the group involved.

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