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What Is an Engineering Expert Witness?

An engineering expert witness is a witness with specialized knowledge in engineering or is an engineer who provides expert testimonies or opinions to clients in a court trial. Typically, the engineer gets hired to express his opinions regarding trains, automotive engineering defects or construction equipment accidents. The expert witness may be allowed to review workplace accidents and industrial machinery injuries.

An engineering expert witness can be hired to help establish the cause of an accident to help with the procedure of the case. Also the expert can also be of help to determine a liability when it comes to accidental incidents like a slip in the sidewalk or escalator that involves the parties of an insurance company. The help of the engineering expert witness is used to provide the court to establish issues in regard with the case at hand. The witness should have a professional license and years of experience in mechanical and electrical incidents investigation. To require an expert witness means having a wide range of issues to tackle that only a professional would have the answers. This means that the witness should be able to offer his services not only to state some facts but to analyze and conduct studies with structural and mechanical systems. He should be able to provide the court with exhibits such as photographs and other visual reports to educate the listeners about the issues at hand. The witness usually discusses the incident with the client and gives the client some options on how to proceed. Every services rendered by the expert witness requires a list of fees that he also discusses with the client.

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