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What Is an Ergonomic Pillow?

Ergonomic is a term that we hear used a lot these days. It is a generic label used to describe things that are user friendly - safe and comfortable to use. When applied to pillows, what we have are pillows that are specially designed to make sitting or lying down very comfortable for the user. Ergonomic pillows are meant to accommodate the natural position of a person whether when in sitting or lying position.

How are ergonomic pillows different from your regular pillows? Obviously, they are designed for a specific purpose, but just how differently are they designed? For one, you will notice a striking difference between the shapes of ergonomic pillows and regular pillows. Ergonomic pillows are also made for specific body parts such as the neck and the lower back. More so, ergonomic pillows are made from a special kind of foam - one that has form-retaining properties and offers more support.

Ergonomic pillows were conceptualized because of the increasing problems that people face with their back and neck. When one sleeps, certain positions can cause stress or tension on the back. The same thing goes when sitting down for extended periods of time, such as when on a long haul flight or when working at a desk job. What ergonomic pillows do is to help maintain a neutral position that will alleviate those tensions. Most common back problems can actually be cured by using ergonomic pillows on a regular basis.

When choosing an ergonomic pillow, it is important to identify the areas of your body which suffer from tension so that you can pick one that will be the most effective.

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