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What Is Ergonomic?

Ergonomic is a word that is being used increasingly because of the quest for more comfort. Saying that a particular product is ergonomic means that it has been specially designed to bring comfort to the user. It also means it is easy to use both physically and psychologically. An ergonomic product is said to reduce the strain on the body, lessen fatigue and also ease the pain of repetitive strain injury. It is also seen as an effective way of increasing productivity.

Over the last few years, ergonomics has increasingly become more associated with various computer products, for example, ergonomic mice and keyboards. Traditional or standard keyboards reportedly place the wrists at an unnatural position. But an ergonomic keyboard is split down the middle, and each half set at a particular angle from each other, in the shape of a V. A person using the keyboard can rest his hands naturally on the ergonomic keyboard, and this would result in a marked difference in terms of comfort.

But not all products that are claimed to be ergonomic are really comfortable when used. There are no governing rules or guidelines on how to make ergonomic products. This is also exacerbated by the fact that some of the designs are actually faulty because of incorrect research. This would usually lead to products that are even more uncomfortable than their traditionally designed counterparts.

Ergonomic design has also seeped into the design of automobile interiors. The innovations like car seats that have individual settings for height, seat pan tilt, and lumbar support is a product of this. Even the thoughtful placing of dashboards and consoles in an intuitive manner is a result of research on ergonomic design.

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