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What Is Evading Arrest?

It is possible for an individual to attempt to run away from or avoid one’s own arrest in the hopes of avoiding jail time, legal proceedings, or other types of legal action against his or her name. However, such an individual may also face penalties, fines, and more severe punishment if he or she is found to have avoided arrest. This situation of running away from or avoiding a law enforcement officer who is to make an arrest is referred to as evading arrest.

There are many methods people employ that constitute as evading arrest. Most people evade arrest by simply running away from the law enforcement officer. Running away can entail actual running or the person may use some form of an escape vehicle to allow him to evade arrest more easily. When the latter occurs, it is possible for the person to become subject to heftier penalties and to a more serious criminal indictment. It is also possible for a person to have others lie for him or her. For example, a person’s friend or relative may inform the police officer of a different location rather than the actual location of the person. People evading arrest may also simply hide or place false leads for law enforcement officers to follow. Evading arrest in itself may be considered as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the jurisdiction where it is done.

When an individual is accused of evading arrest, it is possible for this to become a separate count of criminal action or as a factor for a more severe sentencing.

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