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What Is EVDO?

EVDO is a standard for transmitting high speed wireless broadband. Also known as EV-DO, 1xEvDO, and 1xEV-DO, the EVDO acronym stands for “Evolution, Data Only” or “Evolution, Data Optimized.” But based on the telecommunication Industry Association, the official name of EVDO is CDMA2000, High Rate Packet Data Air Interference. It is considered one of the two main third generation (3G) wireless standards. The other competing standard is called W-CDMA.

3G wireless standards have been developed in order to ensure the transmission of voice and high speed mobile data through cellular means. This technology is recognized to actually work because of the successful implementation of this standard in mobile phone networks all over the world. One of the biggest challenges to the success of high speed wireless networks is the limitation of available bandwidth that can be used. To best describe this problem, imagine a radio. There are only a limited number of radio stations that can be made available in the FM dial because of the limited number of frequencies in the FM band. Just like the limits on the frequencies, there is also a limit in the amount of data that can be transmitted on any available bandwidth. EVDO is an answer to this limitation and it is an advanced CDMA technology that has been researched and developed by Qualcomm.

CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access and this technology uses complicated mathematical formulas in order to facilitate multiple devices transmitting at the same time on the same frequency. In this system, all devices are given a unique mathematical signature. This signature is embedded to the original signal and the modified signal is then transmitted. A receiver will then apply the reverse of this mathematical formula in order to get the original signal.

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