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What Is an Eviction Notice?

When a landlord wishes to remove a tenant from the premises that he or she has leased to the latter, it is necessary that the landlord provide the tenant with a written letter. This is for the expressed purpose of informing the tenant of his or her violation of the agreement made between him or her and the landlord. Thus, this is the beginning of a legal process known as eviction. The letter informing the tenant that he or she is to leave the premises within a specific period of time is referred to as an eviction notice.

It is illegal for a landlord to physically force a tenant out of the premises that he or she has rented from the landlord. A legal alternative is to have the tenant evicted. To begin the process of eviction, the landlord must issue the tenant an eviction notice. This letter provides the tenant with the violations that he or she has committed along with the time period given to him or her to establish some form of restitution. This is usually the case with late rent payments, property damage, or abandonment.

The issuance of an eviction notice to the tenant does not give the landlord the right to forcibly remove the tenant from the premises immediately. An eviction notice is not a legally enforceable document, but it can lead to the forceful removal of a tenant from the premises. If the tenant provides restitution and corrects whatever offenses were made, the landlord has the option to erase or tear up the eviction notice and discontinue any other legal actions, or the landlord can continue with the eviction process and file for an eviction without consideration.

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