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What Is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is a marketing concept that joins together the various elements of logic, emotion and general thought process in order to establish a connection with the consumer. The main objective of using experiential marketing is to establish a connection with the consumer in a manner that will allow the consumer to establish a response level to a product that is based on emotion and rational response.

Experiential marketing is designed to appeal to a number of senses and is aimed to reach a part of the consumers that primarily governs or is related to the formulation of thoughts that revolve around comfort and pleasure. It is also aimed at invoking a sense for practicality. In order to achieve this, the marketer must be able to understand the whole mindset of his target audience in order to successfully attract them. By knowing how his audience will think and feel, he will be more successful in directing his audience to a particular thought or feeling that is relatable to the product being marketed, and ultimately these feelings and thoughts will lead the individual to act on the impulse to buy the product.

The most successful way to conduct an experiential marketing campaign is to engage the senses as much as possible. The more of the senses are drawn into the campaign, the better the results. This means that the displays should feature striking visual elements, and this can include highly interactive web sites and print ads. The appeal of the visuals should also invoke fantasies that will trigger pleasant experiences that happened to the individual.

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