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What Is an Express Warranty?

An express warranty is a written guarantee given by a manufacturer of products regarding the quality of their items at the time of sale. This can also state the period of time the company can assure the quality and performance of the item. It also specifies the conditions in which they will accept a return, exchange or repair of the product within a certain timeframe.

Normally, an express warranty is stated in a written document attached to the product. It is a way of assuring customers that the product they’re buying is of top quality and free from defects. However, it is not just limited to products because businesses that provide services can also provide such warranty to their clients. As an example, a computer retail shop can guarantee that it will repair computer parts within a period of 60 days after purchase of the item.

Express warranties can also be in oral form. However, experts recommend to have the oral warranties written or if not, to have a witness to an oral warranty just in case disputes occur later on.

For their part, manufacturers are responsible for making warranties that they can back up. They also need to use the most appropriate words that can be easily understood by consumers and they would know in what situations the warranty will and will not apply. Common words used in express warranties include use as directed, normal use only and so on which should tell consumers that they have to follow the proper instructions provided when using the product to prevent damage.

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