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What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is a type of depilation method that had its roots in India. But it is also widely practiced in many countries in the Middle East.

Eyebrow threading as a service was initially offered to middle eastern clients in many western salons. But this technique was discovered by European and American women and this resulted in the sudden popularity of this particular technique. Despite its name, eyebrow threading is not just limited to the eyebrows. Facial and body hair can also be removed using this method.

Eyebrow threading is also referred to as khite or fatlah in some salons. These two words are actually Arabic words that mean the same thing – threading. The method itself employs the use of a piece of thread that is twisted into a double strand. The thread with the double strand is used in picking up a line of hair, which is removed by twisting the thread. The result is clean and very precise hairline. The very neat result of eyebrow threading is particularly evident when looking at Indian movie stars, who prefer this particular method of depilation.

Eyebrow threading can also be used in fixing various “issues” with eyebrows. It can fix a unibrow, raise the eyebrow’s arch, or help in shaping and defining the brow. This particular method is also different from shaving in that the hair is removed down to the follicles, which means the results last longer. A repeat procedure is usually done after four weeks. Eyebrow threading is also very inexpensive because it is easily performed and does not require any kind of special equipment or chemicals.

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