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What Is the Facebook Generation?

The Facebook generation is the present generation of people and younger children who grow up with the presence of internet with social networking applications particularly the world-famous facebook. Online networking is a common phenomenon in this day. People from around the globe connect with each other through online networking sites which characterized the Facebook generation. This generation is also referred to as Generation F.

The Generation F is said to be the generation who has witness a different kind of making friends in social interactions. Everything seemed to be virtual but very convenient and non time-consuming. Individuals can easily talk to their friends via Facebook chatting and can even locate long-lost friends through facebook. All applications in facebook tend to encompass other applications in major internet sites, making facebook the favorite of almost all youngsters who has an access to the internet. Even elderly people are also inclined to social networking using their facebook account. Generation F is a generation that is being presented with a very convenient way of communicating to other people. However, there is a negative setback to this kind of interactions. Generation F probably will not be able to create bonds of friendships in a face to face manner. Interacting in the internet is different from a face to face encounter. Frauds and mistaken identity are also rampant in social networking site so there are times when one is not really sure who is he or she talks with or chats with. There is also this disadvantage of not being able to connect heart to heart to the person one is dealing with.

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