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What Is Family Court Mediation?

There are different types of conflict resolution that the court makes available so that parties involved in a dispute can agree to come to a compromise that benefits all of them. Family court mediation is one such conflict resolution that involves families working out their issues with a mediator. This is most common among married couples who wish to divorce, but cannot agree on child custody rights between them. The objective of undergoing family court mediation is to resolve a dispute in a smooth manner, avoiding a resolution in a court of law. A third party acts as a mediator between the members of the family.

A court of law may advise, recommend, or require families to undergo family court mediation. The court provides a list of mediators that the family may choose from, all of which are trained and capable of handling family conflicts. The mediator then schedules sessions wherein each member of the family attends in order to air out their grievances and to settle disputes in a manner that respects the rights of all the concerned parties as well as the needs and wants expressed by them. The mediator may discuss parenting options and skills with the parents, and seek to find a compromise that best addresses their issues. The mediator may also consult with the children in order to determine what is a better environment for them and who is the most suitable to provide that environment. The resolution of family court mediation may be an agreement between the parents as to how to address custody rights of their children, which is forwarded to the court upon the signed agreement of both parents.

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