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What Is a Fashionista?

The term fashionista refers to people who are highly involved and are knowledgeable with styles and the latest trends in the fashion industry. The word was believed to have originated in Latin countries where people from the English world interact with the Spanish-speaking people. The word “ista” is Spanish in origin suggesting that the word fashionista may have been coined in Mexico, California or Arizona regions. Fashionista is a word formed from an English and Spanish language.

On the individual level, fashionista refers to a person who is always up to date with the latest trends in the fashion industry. He or she is an avid fan of people in the fashion world and always dress up in a stylish way. A fashionista is always well-informed and is always aware of the latest garments, latest practices, and latest events and is always aware of the stores that sell the latest models of clothes and accessories. Fashionistas are often labeled as people with very shallow lifestyle, whose life only revolved around fashion trends and fashion designs. However, fashionistas, who look always stylish and fashionable are also advocates for certain cause such as issues in the environment and child labor. In the world of fashion, using the latest trends and incorporating an issue or advocating for a good cause is itself a fashion and wearing garments that makes statements is also referred as fashionable. For instance, some celebrities advocate for a greener earth by wearing fashionable green bags and accessories. For a time, this will become the fashion and fashionistas will always be updated with the latest trends.

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