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What Is a Fatshionista?

An overweight person who wears fashionable clothes is called FATshionista. They exist all over the world, following the fashion trends and showing off their styles in wearing clothes that fit their big body figures. Some FATshionistas are working in the fashion industry, and some even design clothes and promote runway shows.
The word FATshionista was created by combining the words Fat and Fashionista. Some overweight people want to consider themselves as fashionistas instead of FATshionistas because they get offended when they are called FATshionista. However, others really want to be highlighted as FATshionista to tell everybody that being obese is not a hindrance to dressing fashionably.

It is a major challenge for obese people to wear fashionable clothes. Only a few designers present plus-sized clothes, and if they do they are poorly designed. This is why some FATshionistas become fashion designers and design their own clothing line. Sewing their own clothes is also another hobby for these obese people. They learn to modify commercial clothes to make them fit appropriately to their large body figures. Others search for offers by other companies that have large sized clothing lines. Designers who make clothes that fit to obese people are very popular these days because there is always a market for their plus-sized clothing line.

Normally, overweight people choose to wear clothes that fit them rather than clothes that are loose and hanging. It would emphasize more their large body figures. Wearing appropriately fitted attires can give more attraction and style to a person.

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