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What Is a Felony Warrant?

Before a law enforcement officer can conduct an arrest of an individual who has committed a felony, the court must issue a legal document that authorizes such an act. This document is referred to as a felony warrant. This is done in order to process the trial of a criminal in a lawful manner and to respect the affected individual’s civil rights or human rights.

Crimes exist under categories based on the severity of the offense committed. When classifying a criminal offense, the legal system may categorize the offense as a less serious offense, more commonly known as a misdemeanor, or a felony, which is a more severe criminal offense committed by an individual. Other categories of a felony exist depending on their severity and the punishment accorded to them. Some states classify them as A, B, C, etc. while others classify according to degrees. Once a person is convicted of a felony, he or she is referred to as a felon.

When a person is guilty or accused of having committed a felony, he or she is subject to a felony arrest. The arrest may be made immediately after the crime has been committed or upon the request of a felony warrant. The circumstances of a felony arrest may depend on when and how it was committed. However, it is common for an arrest warrant to be produced before an arrest can be made. The arrest warrant is produced by the court upon the request of an individual and evaluation of the evidence in support of the warrant.

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