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What Is Fennel?

Fennel, or common fennel or bronze fennel, is a plant that produces a seed-like fruit and also a leaf-like protuberance that is used as an herb.

There are different varieties of fennel, for example, the Foeniculumvulgare var. azoricum variety is known as Florence fennel, sweet anise, or finocchio. This plant produces a bulb that have stalks that look like celery. These are eaten as a vegetable. In fact, the vegetable is often mistaken with the vegetable portion of the anise plant, while the fennel’s seed-like fruit could be mistaken for the aniseed. All fennel plants are members of the same family Apiaceae. This includes dill, anise, caraway, cilantro, and cumin.

The common fennel can be described as a tall plant. It can usually reach a height of up to five feet and it is usually topped with feathery leaves, which is a unique characteristic of the plant. The Florence fennel, on the other hand, is a shorter plant – reaching a height of only up to two feet though it still shares the same feathery leaves as the common fennel.

The fennel loves the sun is classified as a perennial. The Florence fennel though is classified as an annual and has a preference for a cooler climate. Fennel can have negative effect on the quality of other plants that’s why when planting and growing fennel, it should be planted in its own bed.
The fennel herb is used in many dishes as a flavoring. In fact, it is the main flavor used in Italian sausage, also in Italian wedding cookies, and fish dishes.

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