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What Is a Finance Expert Witness?

A person who has a specialized knowledge in finance or economics can be considered as a finance expert witness who can provide a testimony during a court trial. Both disputing parties are allowed to hire an expert witness if needed. A finance expert witness can be hired to state his professional opinions regarding the subject in trial after his expertise are established in court. Most likely a finance expert would be questioned first about his educational background and experience regarding the subject at hand before he can qualify as an eligible witness. Unlike a normal witness, a finance expert witness may be required to review all the appropriate evidence at hand so that he can state his expertise regarding the matter. Since a person is called an expert, he may be hired due to his specialized profession. For example, if the case is about tax evasion, then the hiring attorney may choose someone who is a tax expert or a person who is directly involved in the tax payment section.

The witness will be questioned in different ways by both opposing parties in order to prove his potentiality. He should be able to answer these questions with no worries and with confidence so to make his opinions believable by the jury. In other words, the hired expert should be able to handle pressure and answer complicated questions. This will help make his opinions more reliable and considerable. If the opposing attorney or the hiring attorney be in any doubt of the hired witness, they may hire another expert witness to contradict or prove the other witness’ opinions.

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