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What Is FireFox?

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the market. The browser was developed by Mozilla, the same company that also developed the Netscape web browser. The first version of Firefox was released in November 2004. The browser became immediately popular especially since it was an open source software and it also possessed many features. Since its initial release in 2004, Firefox has released a number of versions. Each one considerably improves on the previous version while also adding new features and also beefing up its security.

Because of its open source nature, any programmer can download the source code of the browser. These programmers can then use the code to further develop the browser. They can do this either by making new customized options that can either be for private or public consumption.

Firefox has become known for many special features. This includes built-in pop-up blockers and also advanced privacy settings. Firefox was also one of the first browsers to implement tabbed browsing, which is a very useful feature that allows a user to open more than one website on one browser window, and then navigating through multiple web sites through convenient tabs located near the top of the browser.

Firefox also has advanced search options, and also convenient search additions like a built-in Google search. One of the unique features of Firefox is the user’s ability to make Smart Keywords. These can work with the users’ favorite sites, in a way that is similar to the Google toolbar search function.

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