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What Is First Aid?

First aid is the treatment given immediately to a person who is ill or injured. It is meant to provide emergency treatment and can be given by a person who is not a medical professional. First aid is only meant as a temporary solution until the injured or ill person has access to definitive medical treatment.

First aid has three main goals:

- Preserve life.
- Prevent further harm.
- Promote recovery.

While non-medical personnel can administer first aid, people ought to have at least a basic idea of medical care before trying to do so. Otherwise, the goals of first aid might very well be negated.

First aid covers a variety of treatments and procedures. Perhaps the most known kind of first aid is CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This kind of first aid requires special training in order to be done properly. Other kinds of first aid that fall under this category are the Heimlich maneuver (for people who choke on something) and broken bones.

Less serious emergencies can require other forms of first aid. Some examples are treating cuts, minor burns, blisters, and rashes. Bruises, sprains, and insect/animal bites also require some sort of first aid.

It is a good idea to have a first aid kit at your home. First aid kits can be bought at any drugstore or even at the supermarket. There are many different kinds of first aid kits, depending on the contents. You may also opt to create your own kit that will suit potential injuries that may occur in your household.

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