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What Is Flavanol?

Flavanol is a kind of antioxidant that can be be found naturally in different kinds of plants. In particular, cocoa is said to contain high amounts of flavanol. Antioxidants have gained a lot of attention in the health and medical scene in the past years because of their ability to prevent cell damage due to free radicals. More than preventing cell damage, antioxidants have also been shown to repair damage that has already been caused. A wide variety of diseases can be prevented with enough intake of antioxidant.

Flavanol from the cocoa plant, in particular, is becoming more and more popular. It is said to help lessen the chances of blood clots, which can cause a variety of serious conditions. More so, cocoa flavanol is also supposed to help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. With high cholesterol levels being an issue for a lot of people today, it is understandable that more attention is being focused on cocoa flavanol.

In addition to the potential health benefits mentioned above, cocoa flavanol is also said to have positive effects on one’s moods. It does so by increasing the flow of blood to the brain and by increasing the levels of chemicals that enhance the mood. While studies have been conducted to support this hypothesis, experts state that more research is necessary before any concrete conclusion can be made.

There is a common misconception that cocoa flavanol can be obtained from chocolate. While chocolate does contain cocoa, chocolate flavanol is quite different, and may not have the same positive effects.

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