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What Is Fly Fishing ?

We've already talked about the Top 7 Fly Fishing Destinations on this site. This article would give you a brief idea about what fly fishing is if you haven't heard of the term yet.

Fly Fishing is an exciting fishing sport(mostly a hobby) and a method which has been used since a long time to catch fishes, using angles or hooks attached to fly rods(fishing rods).

In this method, artificial flies are cast with the fishing rod to lure the bait. The fisherman stands in the water waiting for the fish. This is much different than bait casting and spinning where the fisherman is on the shore and the lure's weight can help pull the line off the spool.

While Fly fishing started as a way to catch trout and salmon, it is now used to catch a wide variety of fishes. It can be done in fresh water, salt water and warm water.

Image Credit: Wikimedia

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