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What Is Foam Dressing?

Dressing has been used for centuries to cover wounds with the purpose of hastening the healing process and preventing further harm. In the old times, materials such as cloth, leaves, cobwebs, and even dung were used as dressing. Today, cloth is still a widely used material for dressing, although there are other more modern kinds, depending on the nature and severity of the wound that is being treated.

Foam dressing is one type of dressing that is used specially for wounds that need a lot of airflow. The effectiveness of foam dressing lies in the fact that it contains countless miniature pores. The foam offers ample protection from the elements, while at the same time, it allows the air to reach the wound surface. This results in enough moisture in the affected area, hastening the healing process. The pores also serve to filter out dirt and other external material that may irritate the wound or cause further infection.

Another reason for patients preferring foam dressing is the fact that it is flexible, allowing for ease of movement. More so, foam dressing does not require frequent cleaning and changing, which is one of the things that patients dislike about conventional dressing materials. Even better, one does not have to worry about taking extra care when in the shower - foam dressing is water proof and very durable.

Foam dressing is made from plastic polymer foams which are manufactured specifically for medical purposes. Depending on the brand of foam dressing that one gets, the dressing may already contain medication that prevents bacterial growth in the affected area. Some foam dressing brands also offer thicker models which offer additional protection.

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