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What Is Fontina Cheese?

Fontina cheese is a kind of Italian cheese although it is also made in other countries, which make variations of it. Fontina’s texture can range from semisoft to firm depending on where he cheese was made and how long it was anged. T can also come in different flavors – from mild, creamy flavors to intense, pungent ones. Fontina is quite popular cheese in Italian cuisine. It is especially popular in the region around the Alps, which is where Fontina actually originates.

All variations of Fontina cheese must be manufactured from cow’s milk. In order to make the best Fontina cheese, the milk to be used must be raw. In fact, the best ones are made from milk that is of the freshest possible quality. The interior of the Fontina cheese has a color that range from rich yellow to pale cream. One of the most characteristic properties of the cheese are the very small holes that riddle the inside of the cheese. The milkfat content of Fontina is about 45 percent, which means that it is a very rich and creamy cheese. It has a distinctive nutty flavor that actually gets more intense as it ages. Fontina is also a cheese that melts quite well, which makes it a prime candidate and a favorite for fondues.

Fontina cheese manufacturing in Italy has a rich tradition. For example, Val d’Aosta has been making Fontina since the 12th century. In order to truly protect the quality and reputation of Fontina cheese, a consortium of dairy makers and cheese makers joined together in 1957. They proceeded to put a stamp on Fontina cheese that meets their standards.

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