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What Is a Forensic Testimony?

A forensic testimony is a testimony provided by an expert in science, engineering, economics or other specialized fields. The information given here is aimed at helping the court and the legal counsels in a lawsuit or prosecution. This is in terms of how the crime was committed, the procedures done in the investigation and other factors that affect the case.

These expert witnesses can provide forensic testimonies for both the prosecution and defense panels. They may be called in by lawyers to help explain certain aspects of the case particularly when there are disputes as to the time of death and negligence on the part of professionals and companies.

Professionals who may be called to give forensic testimonies are coroners, crime scene investigators, economists, psychologists, engineers and reconstruction specialists. The first part of the process is determining the credibility of the expert. Each party then may present their respective expert witness by providing information on their credentials. These can include the current position the witness holds, his years of experience and even the publications he or she has made.

The questioning follows after the presentation of the expert witnesses. This stage is done to further enlighten the judge and jury as to how the crime may have been committed that led to the death of the victim. The role of the expert here is to provide a clearer picture of the incident to help in making a decision on the case.

In a medical malpractice case, for instance, an expert’s testimony is crucial as it can prove how the accused may have violated the industry standards that led to physical injury or death of the victim.

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